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In 2015, Delcam Audio was formed. A small company focused on the manufacture of Speaker Cabinets. In the hands of its current CEO, Guillem Del Campo, a young student who decides to join his passion for electronics, carpentry and music to create what will be the first product line of this company.

In 2016, with the success and acceptance of the new product, it was decided to expand production to Tube Amplifiers and the technical service and repairs section was opened. New models where designed with the help of artists and people who from the beginning have always been part of this small family. From then until 2019 new products are being added to the range of amplifiers.

In 2019 the great change appears. The GOLDPLATE and BLACKPLATE models are presented, which will become the flagship models of the brand. Where until now there was a catalog full of single-channel amplifiers, these new models are incorporated with 3 channels, offering the whole palette of sounds of our old models in a new product.

Also in 2019 the catalog of screens is simplified and only a couple of models are offered. Those who are born from the experience obtained in previous years and that perfectly complement the new Delcam Audio product line.

Always eager to see what the future holds ...


Our products are handmade and tailored for each client. This allows us to offer the best finish and the best quality. With our own and genuine designs, our manufacturing techniques and our passion, we offer a product of the highest quality for both amateur and professional musician.


Delcam Audio designs and manufactures all its products in Rubí, Barcelona (Spain). This is where our products are shipped from and where our stock is stored. Delcam Audio offers a national and international service within Peninsular territory and within the European Union.

Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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