Booster / Overdrive based on the SUNN Model T preamp. Turn your sound into a bass & full tonal bomb. For lovers of the mythical amplifier.


This is the CALIFORNIA DOOM, our humble tribute to one of the most popular amps in the Stoner/Doom community, the SUNN Model T.

The circuit utilizes the exact preamp path as the Model T, but we replaced the Tubes with Fairchild FET J021 Transistors. To spice things up, we add a dirty Booster in the signal path. You can engage these circuits one at a time, or you can cascade them to work together for Fuzzier Sounds. If you run both sides at the same time, the order priority is by default. First the BOOST, then the DOOM.

The DOOM circuit has the same layout of any preamp. It has an EQ, the Gain Volumes for each channel and the Master Level. This pedal falls in the Overdrive/Distortion Category, it is not a preamp because its not able to drive a Power Amp alone.


The BOOST circuit it has only a volume. It is a very simple BOOST and you can use it alone without the DOOM circuit, but beware, it is not a clean Booster, in fact is very dirty.


Anyway, if you are looking for bassier saturated sounds, a DOOM rhythm machine or maybe even an overdrive with fully equip EQ... You are welcome ;)


  • Dual pedal SUNN MODEL T PREAMP and BOOSTER. Use them separately or together.

  • PREAMP of double channel with BRIGHT and NORMAL. Activated always together.

  • 3 Band EQ. and Final Volume

  • BOOSTER with Volume Adjustment.

  • Handmade.

  • High quality materials.

  • Power Supply: 10mA Max. / 9VDC

  • Dimensions: 120x95x55mm

  • Weight: 370g

  • Includes: Pedal, Manual, Rubber Feet.


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Price 180€

P.V.P with IVA 21% Tax

Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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