The simplest thing is the best. This amplifier incorporates a kT88 in the power stage and its tone is unrivaled. A punch and warmth unmatched for a 15W amplifier.

BELIAL is an amplifier without MASTER Volume, so if you want to it to saturate, it will need external help (Pedals, FX, etc ...). This amplifier is a tribute to the phrase "simpliest things work best".

The sound we get with BELIAL is 100% of the KT88. With a single pre-stage, enough to raise the signal just enough for the KT88 to work perfectly, this amplifier is designed to get all the sound of a power stage with KT88 in Class A. In this way the signal of your guitar arrives practically unaltered and without losses to the power stage.



The KT88 is a big tube, gives a very fat tone, with a lot of punch and with very defined bass. In class A and in Single Ended configuration generates about 15W of Clean power.

A very versatile amplifier, even with the limited number of controls, BELIAL works perfectly with all kinds of effects and pedals. You can insert the most fucked up distortion in the input or the most complex modulation in the Effects Loop. You can also use an external preamp and connect it directly to the power amp through the effects loop's RETURN, to enjoy your favorite preamp with this fantastic KT88 power stage.

This amplifier has a built-in effects loop. It is a Loop in series, completely transparent and 100% bypassable. The SEND has a signal level adjustment.

All the elements of this amplifier are manufactured entirely by hand. The wiring is Point-to-Point, placing each component individually and using the best materials to create a quality and durable product.


  • Class A, Single Ended Tube Amp

  • 15W RMS Power 

  • 1x KT88 JJ

  • 1x ECC83 JJ


  • Serial FX Loop

  • Speaker Out of 4, 8 & 16 Ohms

  • Handmade. Point-to-Point Build

  • High Quality components and parts

  • Dimensions: 20x52x48cm

  • Weight: 16kg

  • Jensen Stealth 80 / 8 Ohm Speaker

Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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