Designed to get a dynamic tone and a lot of punch. Single channel amplifier but extremely versatile. If you want an amplifier that works wonders in all situations, this is what you are looking for.


CRIMSON KING is able to offer from warm and very clean sounds with a lot of body to dark and defined distortions.

It's perfect for Blues, Hard Rock, etc... It has many very different tonal characteristics and thanks to all its controls you can get a wide palette of sounds.

It has a GAIN knob to control the volume of the preamp and a MASTER knob to control the overall volume of the amplifier. In this way you can get distortions at low volumes. The amplifier is extremely dynamic so it fits very well to the nuances of the guitarist and allows a fine adjustment of the gain with the volume of the guitar.

In the Equalization section you have a 3 band EQ. TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS. This, together with the DEPTH and PRESENCE controls, provide infinite combinations and many variations to the mix. PRESENCE adds mid and treble to the mix by adjusting the punch and definition of the amplifier. DEPTH adds bass and depth to the mix adding dimension to the sound.

With its 30W will not leave anyone indifferent. It has enough power to have a very good Headroom and not to lose bass definition used with distortions and in situations where other amplifiers would be left behind.

It has a Serial FX LOOP. Fully integrated in the design and completely transparent that does not alter or modify the tone in any way.

You can use the SEND connector to extract the preamp signal and send it to another amplifier, effect processor, etc ...

You can use the RETURN connector to inject signal directly to the power stage from an external preamp, effect processor, etc ...

A DIODE / TUBE selector is located on the rear panel, which allows you to select between using a solid-state diode rectification or a 5AR4 rectifier tube.


  • Clase A/B Tube Amp

  • 30W RMS Power

  • 2x 6L6WGC SOVTEK Power Tubes

  • 3x ECC83 TAD Preamp Tubes

  • 1x 5AR4 TAD Rectifier Tube


  • Serial FX LOOP fully integrated 

  • Speaker Out of 4, 8 & 16 Ohms

  • Handmade & Point-to-Point Build

  • Hammond (Made in Canada) Transformers

  • High Quality componentes and parts

  • Available in 110V or 230V

  • Dimensions: 20x52x25cm

  • Weight: 10kg


Upholstery and Customization

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Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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