Designed to be the foundation of your tone. This amplifier will give you the best clean and original sound of your instrument. Build your tone with pedals or enjoy the warmth and punch of this tamed beast.


This amplifier is designed to deliver the best clean tones as the foundation of your sound. This will leave you endless tonal possibilities by combining the MANTA RAY with effect pedals or signal processors.

With a single channel, a 3 band EQ. and a Volume control... more simple impossible. To these seemingly simple controls are added a Bright Selector Switch, a 3-Position Mode Selector Switch and an EQ bypass mode.

The Bright Selector Switch (BRIGHT) adjusts the high frequency range and attenuates it in its OFF position.

The EQ. bypass (EQ. OFF) removes the TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS controls. In this way any signal attenuation that occurs in this equalization circuit disappears and the preamp signal increases. This is helpful to easily saturate the amplifier or to achieve the unaltered tone of the guitar.

The Mode selector (MODE) selects between 3 different characters for the amplifier:

  • NORMAL adjusts the amplifier for a balanced tone, with compression and little dynamics.

  • TWEED adjusts the amplifier for a tone with little compression, more dynamic and with slightly reinforced highs and lows.

  • RAW adjusts the amplifier for an uncompressed tone where everything is pure dynamics, for the most expert guitarists where the control of their tone is in their hands.

As if all these tonal capabilities were not enough, the MANTA RAY incorporates a full Tube/Analog pedal operated REVERB. From a slight reverberation to a deep and cavernous effect. With a control very well calibrated for an easy and precise adjustment.

On the rear panel there is a DIODE / RECTIFIER switch that allows you to select between using a solid state diode rectification or a 5AR4 rectifier tube.


  • Class A/B Tube Amp

  • 30W RMS Power

  • 2x 6L6WGC SOVTEK Power Tubes

  • 1x 12AY7 / 2x 12AX7 / 1x 12AT7 TAD Preamp Tubes

  • 1x 5AR4 TAD Rectifier Tube


  • REVERB FootSwitch + Cable Included

  • Built in All Tube Reverb

  • 3 Positions Mode Selector

  • Speaker Out of 4, 8 & 16 Ohms

  • Handmade & Point-to-Point Build

  • Hammond (Made in Canada) Transformers

  • High Quality componentes and parts

  • Available in 110V or 230V

  • Dimensions: 20x52x25cm

  • Weight: 10kg


Upholstery and Customization

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Speaker Cabinet and Tube Amp maker.

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