This is the MR. FOX MK2, our approach to one of the best classic FUZZ/OCTAVE ever created, the FOXX Tone Machine. 

! All the good vibes and weirdness awaits !


The circuit is a straight FUZZ with a lot of classic vibe. It has the right amount of controls to get things done easy but also to be versatile enough. It also has an Octave Up addition to get all the funkiness and weird tunes out of your guitar.

The external switches make this design very versatile. You can eliminate the clipping stage of the FUZZ, to get a fuller and louder sound. You can create a mid-cut and almost a high pass filter with the FAT switch. A lot of options for a variety of sounds... Oh and the Octave is very sensible so all the adjustments in the FUZZ sections will affect the fidelity of the octave modulator.

If you only need a FUZZ, this is gonna blow your mind of how good it sounds... but it also have an Octave Up circuit so... it is a win-win situation.

Anyway, from bassier saturated sounds to slight crunchiness or straight bass-cut machine gun Fuzz sounds... this is awesome to have in your pedalboard.


  • FUZZ with Octave UP mode.

  • Classic FUZZ tone vibe, easy to use and very versatile.

  • FAT y CLIP switches to adjust your sound and offer lots of tonal modes.  

  • Octave Up mode fully bypasseable.

  • Handmade.

  • High quality materials.

  • Power Supply: 10mA Max. / 9VDC

  • Dimensions: 120x95x55mm

  • Weight: 370g

  • Includes: Pedal, Manual, Rubber Feet.


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Price 180€

P.V.P with IVA 21% Tax

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