Dual Booster / Overdrive based on the circuit of a Bluesbreaker. Use their channels separately to sweeten your sound or combine them for distortion.


This is the NAMELESS KING, our humble tribute to one of the most populars pedals using a British Preamp Circuit, the "King Of Tone" from AnalogMan.

The circuit utilizes two slightly modified Marshall Bluesbreaker™ circuits. You can engage these circuits one at a time, or you can cascade them to work together for high-gain sound.

Because you can run both sides at the same time you can get some great combinations. You can set one side for a slight crunch and the other as a boost. Or set both for diferent kinds of overdrive tones. You choose and the pedal delivers.

Do not just stay with the front controls.The inner part is the most interesting.

Inside, the onboard DIP switch selects different diode combinations. Also you can set the Presence Control inside de pedal for each circuit. For the creative users, you can change de DIP-8 Onboard OP-AMP’s easily with another type of chip as they are socket mounted for easy retrival. 

The NAMELESS KING is a must have in your pedalboard. Many combinations and possibilities await as you dive in this easy to use but complex tone machine.


  • Dual Pedal. Two equal circuits completely adjustable separately.

  • VOLUME, GAIN & TONE for channel.

  • Presence adjustment inside.

  • Mode adjustment inside.

  • Replaceable chips for new sounds.

  • Handmade.

  • High quality materials.

  • Power Supply: 10mA Max. / 9VDC

  • Dimensions: 120x95x55mm

  • Weight: 370g

  • Includes: Pedal, Manual, Rubber Feet.


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Price 180€

P.V.P with IVA 21% Tax

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